“ I eat lots of protein” – ramai yang berkata demikian

Jawapan:-  All protein are not the same – it lacks – “COMPLETE PROTEIN”

a.         Protein is made up of Amino acid – total 22 – (BUILDING BLOCK OF THE BODY).
b.         FORTUNATELY – all BUT 9 can be manufactured by the body
c.         The 9 is known as ‘Essential” amino acid cannot be made by the body. It has to be taken from outside/diet/food
d.         A complete protein is one which provides all 9 amino acid in balanced ratio.

ANIMAL  protein once a complete protein BUT usually comes with “saturated fat” eg . beef contains 35% fat. Awas tentant “fake meat” inject with hormones.

            !!! So the question of protein consumption becomes one of quality rather than quantity

WHILE Plants protein – much low in fat & cholesterol + much easier to digest than animal protein. Is it possible to derive a protein which is highly digestible, high quality while low in fat with no cholesterol ?

                        THAT WHAT SHAKLEE HAS DONE


1.      “Complete Protein” – mengandungi 9 amino acid
2.      Cholesterol free
3.      Vegetable source – soy
4.      Free of saturated fats
5.      No added artifical
6.      Lactose free –
7.      PER – Protein efficiency ratio of 2.5 

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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